How much is a 2 drawer filing cabinet?

Like any other type of furniture, the price of a 2 drawer filing cabinet varies depending on certain factors. In online stores, new filing cabinets go for as much as £400. This could change downwards or upwards depending on who is selling. Used furniture is no exception. Different sellers will sell at different prices.

Also, the number of years a 2 drawer filing cabinet has been in use determines how much you pay for it. This is considered the rate of depreciation of furniture, which is usually at 5 percent every year. So if a piece of furniture cost £400 as a new piece, you will buy it at £300after five years. However, this rule is not cast in iron as there are many other intervening factors.

The method of selling used furniture will determine if you can negotiate the price or not. If you are buying directly from a used furniture store, then you have the opportunity to ask for an affordable price. In an auction, prices depend on how much demand a 2 drawer filing cabinet attracts. A piece that gets many bids will obviously be sold at a much higher price. That with a few bids is likely to be much cheaper.

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